How we rank things:

If we feel something is good we give it tomatoes. If we feel something need improvement, we "toss" tomatoes.  The most any place can get it 5 tomatoes (either whole or tossed). 5 always being the best or worst (depending how we serve up the tomato).

One is okay, 5 is great!

One is ew, 5 is totally unacceptable.



We are currently on hiatus to open an art center in Clearwater, FL. You can find out more about our project by visiting We will let you know when we are roving again!

Welcome to Roving Foodies. We are a new breed of restaurant and food reviewing blog. We have experience as restaurateurs in every aspect from chefing to front of house. Additionally we know nutrition and lack thereof. We rate the ingredients as well as the preparation and presentation. We evaluate for freshness and cleanliness. We aspire to provide you with an inside look to help you make your taste-buds be satisfied as well as your nutrition. And we hope to inspire our readers to encourage their favorite restaurants to use more sustainable, local ingredients.  Here we are with Lucille, our red Ford F150.  We rove around the country in her in search of great, local food. Have you been roved?

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